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Located at Studio Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Home of the largest sound stages in the state. 25 minute drive from Detroit Metro airport or downtown Detroit.


Flowcine Serene
Flowcine Serene

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Cooke Ananmorphic/i SF
Special Flare

Cooke Anamorphic/i
March 2019

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Arri Master Grips
Master Grips

Focus, Zoom and Iris control

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cForce mini RF
cForce mini RF

Motor and controller together

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Sigma FF Primes
Sigma FF Primes

20, 24, 35
50, 85 T1.5
14, 135 T2.0

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MoVi Pro
MoVi Pro

With Cinemilled acessories

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smallHD 703 BOLT
703 BOLT

compatible with
Bolt 500
1000 & 3000

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Sigma Cine Zooms
CIne Zooms

$125.00 each

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Stratton Camera Expendables store
Sim Mod S2 clip
Sim Mod
S2 clip for Easyrigs

In stock now.

Arri Alexa Mini
Alexa Mini

Rugged, small and lightweight
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Cineped Quattro

With the Quattro

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Arri Amira
The Original Sliders®
The Original

2, 3, 4 and 6 ft. Specs »

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