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Located at Studio Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Home of the largest sound stages in the state. 25 minute drive from Detroit Metro airport or downtown Detroit.


Cooke Ananmorphic/i SF
Special Flare

Cooke Anamorphic/i SF

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Flowcine Serene
Flowcine Serene

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Arri Master Grips
Master Grips

Focus, Zoom and Iris control

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cForce mini RF
cForce mini RF

Motor and controller together

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Sigma FF Primes
Sigma FF Primes

20, 24, 35
50, 85 T1.5
14, 135 T2.0

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MoVi Pro
MoVi Pro

With Cinemilled acessories

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smallHD 703 BOLT
703 BOLT

compatible with
Bolt 500
1000 & 3000

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Sigma Cine Zooms
Cine Zooms

$125.00 each

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Stratton Camera Expendables store
Sim Mod S2 clip
Sim Mod
S2 clip for Easyrigs


Arri Alexa Mini
Alexa Mini

Rugged, small and lightweight
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Cineped Quattro

With the Quattro
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Arri Amira
The Original Sliders®
The Original

2, 3, 4 and 6 ft. Specs »

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